About Us

Who and what is Red Rose Friendly Society Limited ?

Red Rose Friendly Society was founded in 1863 as Blackburn Philanthropic Mutual Assurance Society and changed its name to Red Rose Friendly Society in 1999 when it became incorporated.

It is owned by policyholders and as such does not pay dividends to shareholders.

The Society operates an asset share and fund allocation policy to ensure that it matches risk and potential reward in an appropriate way.

It is subject to an annual valuation by an appointed actuary who recommends to the Committee of Management the level of interim and final bonus which should be paid to all members .

This recommendation is based on the results of the annual valuation.  

Business Objectives of the Society:

The principle activity of the Society is the transaction of long term life assurance within the United Kingdom through ordinary branch business.

If you require any further information on the Society or its products, please contact us